Percussion Pro 2.0


Percussion Pro 2.0 Hand-Held Massage Tool

What’s new with the Percussion Pro 2.0:

  • Improved motor, quieter operation, idle function
  • Digital touch control with battery charge level
  • Redesigned head
  • Ergonomic design with soft touch body

It’s powerful motor oscillates at 50-60 cycles per second which suppresses information from muscle spindles, allowing the muscles to relax more effectively.

Portable hand-held therapy tool that has our own unique attachment designed by Dr. Michaud. The attachment has been designed with a unique curved edge and large rounded shape that allows the user to target and massage critical areas, such as the arch of the foot, quadriceps muscle, posterior rotator cuff, and the medial head of the gastroc.

Unlike conventional percussion tools, the Percussion Pro 2.0 comes with a custom-made head that has been specifically designed to distribute pressure over a broader area. No other massage tool has such a wide head, and the neck of the head is reinforced with stainless steel for added strength. In addition to being more comfortable, the broader head allows for reduced vertical displacement of the muscle, which more effectively increases circulation. Also, the small but powerful motor oscillates at 60 cps, which has been proven to relax muscles by suppressing information from muscle spindles. This lightweight percussion tool lasts several hours before needing to be recharged.

Comes with a braided USB A to C charging cable and instructions.

Download Percussion Pro 2.0 Instructions