Interdigital Neuroma Balance


PEEL AND STICK BALANCES: The Interdigital Neuroma Balance

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Interdigital neuromas are common, poorly studied, and notoriously difficult to treat.

By offloading the third and fourth metatarsal heads throughout propulsion, the new Peel and Stick interdigital neuroma balance allows you to effectively treat interdigital neuromas, usually without the need for surgery and/or expensive orthotics.

To specifically offload irritated neuromas, the Peel and Stick Interdigital Balance was developed to simultaneouslysupport the first, second, and fifth metatarsal heads, and most importantly, the entire hallux and second toe. Supporting the entire medial forefoot is the key to success with the Peel and Stick Balance, because it allows for a constant offloading of the third and fourth metatarsal heads throughout pushoff. This durable balance contains a layer of EVA foam for pressure distribution that resists wear and tear.

Placement by your practitioner is recommended, as exact placement of this balance is essential for treatment success.