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The products on this website are designed for people who want to build strength, improve form, and prevent injuries, and for busy healthcare professionals looking for state-of-the-art examination techniques and tools.

ToePro Foot/Ankle Exercise Platform

The ToePro® foot exercise platform has been designed to Improve Performance by strengthening muscles of the foot and leg in their lengthened positions. Compared to conventional exercises, exercising lengthened muscles produces nearly fourfold increases in strength.

Sara Hall
Professional Marathon Runner

Percussion Pro

Portable hand-held therapy tool that has our own unique attachment designed by Dr. Michaud. The attachment has been designed with a unique curved edge and large rounded shape that allows the user to target and massage critical areas, such as the arch of the foot, quadriceps muscle, posterior rotator cuff, and the medial head of the gastroc.

Two-to-One Ankle Rockboard

The Two-to-One Ankle Rockboard is designed to place your foot in the position of a future sprain and then force you to use your muscles to pull yourself out of the risky position.



As an athletic trainer in the NBA, the ToePro has become our favorite exercise device for increasing not just toe strength, but also horizontal jump distance. It also plays an important role in injury prevention.

John Dusel

Strength and Conditioning Trainer in the NBA

“I love my ToePro and use it every morning before I run. It helps strengthen my feet, ankles, and calves, and improves my push-off and running form. Takes just a few minutes a day and has helped keep me injury free. I even pack it when I travel!”

Mark Carroll

Former Olympic 5K runner (PR 13:03) and currently the head coach and director of athletic performance for the Boston Athletic Association.

“Simplistic genius! The ToePro is incredibly easy to use and my athletes love it. I’m always surprised how many high-level athletes present with toe weakness, and how much they improve after using the ToePro. I wish I started using it sooner!”

Andrew Hauser

Former trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Claire Bernard Miller, PT, DPT
Activate Physical Therapy & Wellness

Dr. Courtney Conley
Total Health Solutions


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