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Since graduating from Western States Chiropractic College in the early 80s, Dr. Tom Michaud has published numerous book chapters and over 50 journal articles on subjects ranging from biomechanics of the first ray, to the pathomechanics of vertebral artery dissections. He has also served on the editorial review board of several chiropractic and podiatric journals.

In the early nineties, Williams and Wilkins published Dr. Michaud’s first textbook, Foot Orthoses and Other Forms of Conservative Foot Care, which was eventually translated into four languages. His next book, Human Locomotion: The Conservative Management of Gait-Related Disorders, which was published in 2012, is used in physical therapy, chiropractic, pedorthic, and podiatry schools around the world. In addition to technical books, Tom also published a book for recreational runners: Injury-Free Running: How to Build Strength, Improve Form, and Treat/Prevent Injuries, now in its second edition.

During his 40 years of clinical practice, Dr. Michaud designed and patented numerous diagnostic tools and exercise products to help with the evaluation and treatment of a wide range of sports injuries. Since his recent retirement from clinical practice, Tom is devoting his time to researching, writing, and designing new products in order to develop evidence-based evaluation and treatment protocols that can assist in not just the prevention of sports injuries, but also in ways to stay fit as we age.

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I started using the ToePro about two years ago at the recommendation of my chiropractor, John Ball. When I first started using the device, I could feel it target very specific muscles in my arches and legs, and knew it was going to be helpful. I highly recommend this device, not just for improving running performance, but also for preventing injuries.

Sara Hall

Sara set the American record for the half marathon at the age of 38, running a 1:07:15 at the 2022 Houston Half Marathon. In 2020, Sara ran her personal best marathon, running a 2:20:32, in the Marathon Project in Chandler, Arizona.

Simplistic genius! The ToePro is incredibly easy to use and my athletes love it. I’m always surprised how many high-level athletes present with toe weakness, and how much they improve after using the ToePro. I wish I started using it sooner!

Andrew Hauser

Former trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers


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Pasapula C, Solomou G, Al-Sukaini A, Liew I, Goetz J, Cutts S. Evaluation of first ray instability using the double dorsiflexion test: A prospective observational case-controlled study. The Foot. 2023 Sep 1;56:102019.

Hypermobility of the first ray has been correlated with a wide range of forefoot conditions, including hallux abductovalgus and second metatarsal head capsulitis. Because hypermobility of the first ray undermines the stability of the entire foot, especially during the...

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Dr. Michaud chooses four clinically relevant articles & summarizes them for your educational reading pleasure.