Human Locomotion


Alternate ToePro Exercises

The Human Locomotion Fall Prevention Program – Abbreviated Version

The Human Locomotion Twist Disk

I’ve Fallen and I CAN get up! The Ideal Way to Perform Floor to Stand Transitions.

The Human Locomotion Fall Prevention Program

NPS Following Total Knee Replacement

Super Shoe Workout

Using the ToePro for Managing Non-Insertional Achilles Injuries

Biomechanical Examination & Gait Analysis

The ToePro Exercise Platform

The BFR Triple Stick Strap

Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Tom Michaud, Human Locomotion

The Sarcopenia Workout: 5 Simple Exercises to Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss

Human Locomotion, Chapter 1: The Evolution of Bipedality

Human Locomotion, Chapter 2: Structural & Functional Anatomy

Human Locomotion, Chapter 3: Ideal Motions During the Gait Cycle

The 2-to-1 Ankle Rockboard

Focal Vibration Motors

The Percussion Pro Massage Tool

2 to 1 Ankle Rockboard Instructions

The Heel-Rise Metronome Test

Rehabilitative Exercise Videos by Kim Nedeau

Piriformis Syndrome

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