The Toe/Hip Strength Dynamometer

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By placing the plastic card beneath the patient’s toes and removing it slowly, the ToePro/Hip Strength dynamometer allows you to precisely quantify toe strength. Toe strength deficits have been proven to correlate with chronic plantar fasciitis, falls in the elderly, and impaired athletic performance.

The plastic card can be removed and replaced with the ankle cuff (sold separately). This attachment allows you to create a ratio between hip strength and body weight. Recent research confirms that when piriformis strength is less than 20% body weight, the individual is significantly more likely to be injured. Knee injuries are especially common when the piriformis is weak; e.g., athletes who score less than 20% body weight with this test are 7 times more likely to tear their ACL in a single season.

These tests can be performed in seconds and repeated upon re-examinations to monitor strength gains.

The objective strength scores for both the toes and hip muscles provide the doctor and the patient clear proof of the need to perform exercises. The strength scores provide measurable guidelines for return to sport and/or restoration of activity.

* The Toe/Hip Strength Dynamometer includes 1 card.

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