Medial Drift Device


Medial Drift of the Medial Malleolus Device

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By evaluating medial displacement of the medial malleolus, this device provides important information regarding motion of the talus.

As the rearfoot pronates, the talus shifts medially with a “sideward rolling action,” resulting in an almost parallel translation of the talus upon the calcaneus. Measuring medial drift of the malleolus allows the practitioner to quantify the parallel translation, and this information is useful when prescribing varus and valgus posts.

Small and lightweight, this is an important tool for the practitioner.

** The Medial Drift of the Medial Malleolus Devide is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Download the reliability study comparing medial drift to the arch height ratio device from Shenandoah University