Human Locomotion

Fall Prevention

The Connection Between Hip Strength, Sidewards Falls, and Hip Fractures

Below are 14 specific tests that help you identify age-related deficits in strength, balance, flexibility and/or foot architecture that correlate with an increased risk of falling. Information obtained from these tests allows you to design a customized treatment routine that incorporates any of 12 interventions that target the particular weak points identified during testing. Unlike conventional strength training programs, the exercises described in these videos have been proven to place significantly less stress on your joints, while targeting muscles that need to be strengthened. This is especially important for people with arthritis who want to stay strong as they age.

1. Measuring the Anterior Fall Envelope

2. Measuring Toe Strength

Using the ToePro

3. Measuring Calf Endurance

4. The Sit-to-Stand Test

5. The Alternate Step Test

6. Hip Rotation Strength

Best Hip Strengthening Exercises

7. Core Strength

8. The 10-Second Balance Test

9. Evaluating Cutaneous Sensation

Treating Impaired Sensation with Balance Buttons

10. The Near Tandem Stand Test

The Rotational Exercise

11. Range of Motion Tests

Restoring Motion with the Two-to-One Ankle Rockboard

12. Limited Neck and Back Mobility

13. Foot Achitecture and Falls

Peel and Stick Varus Posts

14. Bunions and Hammer Toes

Elastic Band Toe Exercise